Ohlone Field Trip

All the third graders went on a field trip to the Redwood Grove in Los Altos to learn more about the Ohlone people who once lived in this area. Our tour guide, Keith Gutierrez, gave us a lot of information about Ohlone Indians: how they lived and how they used different sources from nature. Following are the pictures and notes from our trip, click on them to see the large version.

Keith Gutierrez was our B-5 guide through our field trip to Redwood Grove.

Leaves of three, let them be! Be aware of the poison oak!

Keith puts redwood cones in water to make red dye.

Redwood cones.

The Ohlones start a house by using willow reeds.

A full wickiup house with tule reeds covering the willow reed frame near our good friend, Mrs. Kaye.

This is what a wickiup looks like from the inside.

A kid-size tule reed boat.

Tanned deer skin.

This is the way Ohlone people would carry their gathering baskets around.

One of our classmates throwing a buckeye in a basket.

These are the tools that you need to make a fire.

Starting a fire using a bow, woodflat and a sound wood stick.

Building a fire is hard work. You need to move the bow back and forth quite quickly.

Keith is blowing hot ashes to make a fire.



Ayla, Audrey, Evan, Maurice, Tony and Tyler wrote the captions.



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