California Mountains Valley Coast Desert
Climate is ideal Ancient land Basin Amazing sunsets Ancient land
Dreamy Awe-inspiring Breadbasket of the world Beach Arid environment
Excitement Beautiful sunrise Breed Blustery Arid region
Exotic Chain Cattle Breezy Barren
Experience diversity Crystal clear lakes Cultivate Dramatic Blistering
Fun filled Dangerous Dairy Foggy Boiling
Fun is the key Dramatic Emerald Glamorous Desolate
Gentle breeze Frigid Farm Glorious Dramatic
Interesting Glaciers Fields Gusty Erratic rainfall
Like no other Glorious Flourishing Mesmerizing Grand
Man-made magic Gold country Foliage Mystical Gravel
Natural blanket Gold, gold, gold Fresh Natural wonder Hostile
Notable Grand Fruits Power of the sea Hot
Playground Grand Green Rocky Mystical
Remarkable Granite Greenish Rugged Natural wonder
Silent blue Impressive Growing season Sand Scorching
So much to see and do Majestic Hot sun Serenity Sculped ravine
Spectacular Mystical Jade Wave after wave Searing
Spectacular Natural wonder Lush Waves Serenity
Stunning natural beauty Noble Orchard Windy Sizzling
Sunlit Peak Plant life   Songs of peace
Unforgettable Pierce Plow   Sparse (vegetation)
Unique Rugged Produce   Stark beauty
Visitors always welcome Sculpted ravines Raise    
Warming sun Snow-fed Ranch    
World class Songs of peace Tend    
  Spirit of adventure Trees    
  Splendor Vegetables    
  Stark beauty Vegetation    

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